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If you're ready to reclaim your most vibrant version of you, then you're in the right place


This is ideal for those who have more complex health concerns, and require extra support beyond the other package options. Perhaps your health journey has had a few large bumps and you’d like move past all the noise and confusion and to get back to feeling more vibrant again. If you’ve already tried a few different avenues to address your symptoms and are still struggling to feel well, then this package is for you.  


What’s Included: 
  • In depth, personalised health assessment

  • 1 x 60 minute initial consultation

  • 23 x 30 minute weekly check-in calls

  • Personalised nutrition plan based on your needs

  • Weekly diet & lifestyle review and feedback

  • Practitioner support between sessions

  • Downloadable app

  • Personalised lifestyle recommendations

  • Education around why the recommendations will support your health goals

  • Possible referral to your GP or other practitioners

  • GP blood test interpretation if applicable

  • Supplement recommendations where appropriate 

  • Recipes & meal planning support if appropriate

  • Somatic approach to eating & nourishment


All packages start with the completion of our online medical questionnaire, and a 7 day diet diary to provide insight in to your current health picture and how you arrived where you are today. You will have an app to download onto your phone, which allows you to keep in touch and access your plan, or any information that has been shared with you at any time.

Your nutrition plan will be tailored specifically for you, and will provide holistic support for you as a whole human rather than just trying to address your symptoms one by one. Your plan will take in to account any personal goals, your personal commitments and your likes and dislikes.

The ongoing weekly support provided means you’ll have appropriate support every step of the way – no matter how life decides to show up.

*Payment plan available

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