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Unlock the Power of Somatic Coaching

What is Somatic Coaching & Who is it for?

Somatic Coaching is ideal for you if you are looking to reconnect with your body by fostering deep communication and alignment with your true self. Experience trust, connection, and inner freedom as you journey through intuitive sessions focused on unveiling your authentic essence.

Through the use of Somatic Coaching, we can unearth and release emotions, feelings, and beliefs that hinder us. By engaging in an open dialogue with the body, we facilitate the movement of energy in various forms, whether through emotional release, clarity, or heeding messages from the body.


Through Somatic Coaching, you will:

  • Cultivate feelings of trust, truth, connection, and safety.

  • Establish a strong foundation of safety, enabling nervous system recalibration.

  • Rediscover the language of the body and address held beliefs, patterns, or stored trauma.

  • Live in alignment with your true self, values, and desired state of being.


At Nutrition with Andri, we work in alignment with the teachings of the SOMA method, a pioneering practice of movement, mind-set, and meditation that aims to unlock freedom within your being on all levels.

If you’re feeling called to explore the benefits of somatic coaching, then book a discovery call to find out more


£170 per one-hour session

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