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Detect early signs of Chronic Ill-health and stress and build the most resilient workforce you've ever seen

Why choose Nutrition with Andri?

We understand the complexities between people and business success. Your business relies on the excellent work of your staff, and you have a responsibility to ensure that their wellbeing is being taken care of. We make nutrition for success and productivity simple and straightforward, meaning you and your people can get back to creating magic.


By implementing a robust workplace wellbeing plan, you can reduce absenteeism, detect early signs of chronic ill-health and stress and build the most resilient workforce you've ever seen. 


1:1 clinic offering

Available via Zoom or in person at your business premises.

Your employees will be able to book 30 minute one-to-one appointments where they will receive guidance on improving their diets & lifestyles to support their health goals

Wellness Webinars


  • Gut Health & Digestion

  • Female Health series

  • How to manage Fatigue, Anxiety & Stress

  • Menopause 101

  • Nutrition for the Immune System

  • Heart Health: The Fundamentals

  • Nutrition Foundations: What On Earth Should We Eat?


Fees are based on the time required to deliver your event. Guideline prices are:

1 hour online session: £285

Half Day Onsite: £650 plus travel expenses

Full Day Onsite: £1,100 plus travel expenses

For a full quotation, and to discuss how you or your clients can be supported by Nutrition with Andri, get in touch

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